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In the battery industry, EV batteries are currently in increasing demand around the world. Also, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are established, many customers face the following challenges:

Responding to high-quality requirements and requests for enhanced traceabilityEnhancing competitiveness through production efficiency and cost reductionAddressing Sustainable Development Goals and ESG ManagementTechnology and Knowledge exchange correspondence.

Redder organically integrates cutting-edge technology acquired over many years in every industry and field, as well as know-how and achievements in measurement, control and information, from the development of battery materials to the process of manufacturing.

Achievements of film measurement for more than 50 years and battery electrode measurement for more than 10 years The operation monitoring and improvement methods cultivated over many years at the manufacturing site, and the design specialized for battery electrode manufacturing backed by its know-how High-speed measurement suitable for the high-speed production lines, and high-resolution measurement that enables us to measure more detailed electrode edge parts Operation screen that supports various coating patterns such as intermittent coating and stripe coating Possible to automatically save measurement data, utilize it as quality evidence, and analyze the cause when a problem occurs Automatic coating control software (option) which contributes to the reduction of manpower and production loss, and improvement of production quality Full support for external communication that enables centralized production management in MES and data connection with coating machines

Solutions for the food and beverage industry

To do better, we must constantly improve and improve. This is especially true for food producers and their suppliers. Compared with other industries, the food industry needs continuous improvement because of the extremely short life cycle of its products. According to a market research survey by GfK Group, a market research institute, 600 new products and derivatives are launched every week in a certain country's consumer market. And every product must strictly comply with health regulations and relevant legal requirements.

Redder is able to meet challenges head on and provide customers with well-thought-out measurement technology solutions. Measurement techniques cover a wide range of areas, including on-site and intermediate storage, quantitative matching and mixing, filling and cleaning, and auxiliary circulation of steam and hot water. We can also provide technology and certificates for complex applications, such as water flow measurements with low conductivity in honey and chocolate processing or soft drink mixing stations or sanitary level measurements in product tanks.

Solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries

The chemical and petrochemical industries are the basis of manufacturing and are very important sectors globally. They play a central role in the sustainable development of society. Without chemicals, solutions to the major challenges of our time would be elusive. Transportation and transportation, environmental protection and health are just a few examples of industries that have benefited from chemicals.

The efficient operation of a manufacturer depends not only on the size of the plant, but also on many other factors, such as product availability, reliability, quality and output. In addition to this, there are important aspects such as energy consumption, material use, reducing waste and thus reducing the cost of ownership. High requirements are also placed on quick and easy start-up and shutdown and partial load operation, which often occur under extreme environmental conditions and are rarely seen outside the chemical/petrochemical industry. So what we need is measurement and control techniques, and these are based on innovative measurement and analysis methods.

For chemical and petrochemical applications, Redder has a wide range of products that cover almost all of its primary measurement processes.

The safe and stable operation of power plants is critical, and we can help you minimize downtime while improving the safety and efficiency of unit operation

Today, the power and energy industries must strike a difficult and complex balance between increasing demand for affordable and reliable energy sources and increasing the share of clean and renewable energy in the energy mix. Costs are rising, regulations are becoming more stringent, and efficient and safe use of resources requires a higher level of modernization. As renewable energy technologies continue to evolve, the demand for energy storage continues to rise. With deep expertise in power industry applications, Redder is able to provide the most suitable meters, services and solutions to make your production more efficient and reliable.

Smart solutions for the water and sewage industry

In the universe as a whole, our Earth looks like a blue planet with lots of water. However, only 2.5 percent of this water is usable fresh water. At the same time, with the increase of global population and rapid industrialization, our demand for natural water is also increasing.

Water resources will become increasingly scarce in the future. In this context, it can be seen how important having an efficient, high-capacity drinking water supply and environmentally friendly sewage treatment will be for human and industrial development as well as the development of the whole region.

At the same time, competition in the supply of potable water is increasing, forcing operators not only to consistently pursue process certainty and availability, but also to focus more on efficiency than in the past.

Our product line covers the entire spectrum of measurement and analysis technology, from individual measurement components to complete system solutions. In addition to a complete product line for measuring level and flow, we also offer analytical meters for measuring pH, conductivity, ion concentration, REDOX and pressure. At the same time, we also provide comprehensive repair and calibration services.

In 1978, Redder introduced the Electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF), which can be applied to water, sewage, additives and sludge. Since then, we have achieved a certain position in the water industry because of our innovative advantages.

In the future, the water industry is a very important market for the world.

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